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Cardistan: Brought to you by PakDroid

Interested in PSN/XBL/iTunes cards but don’t have a credit card? No worries.

Drop us an email and we’ll get you the code in minutes.

Check our Facebook Page for more details or email at


We have cards for the following available in all regions:

  • PlayStation Network
  • Xbox Live Membership
  • Apple iTunes/App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Steam
  • Hulu
  • Nintendo e-Shop

WhatsApp Messenger (BETA)

Finally, WhatsApp released the Material Design version of the app officially on the Play Store and they also made the calling feature available to everyone, however, I found the Play Store version (2.12.94) to be a bit buggy and unstable.

So I looked up online, and found APKs newer than the one available on the Play Store, so I started downloading them and using them instead. Ever since I’ve been doing that, WhatsApp has become a lot more stable, fast and not to mention better looking. The Material Design is the same but the shade of green is slightly different.

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Guide to buying a 4G (LTE) phone in Pakistan

Since practically every smartphone has 3G capability, I thought it would make more sense to make a guide on which 4G phones to buy.
Technically, any 4G phone that supports the Band 3 (1800MHz) frequency will be compatible with both Zong and Warid’s 4G networks, but I’ll still list them here, organizing them into budget categories.

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