How to: Install Google Play on third-party Android Devices


Lately on Pakdroid, we’ve been receiving a multitude of requests basically fixated on on point, how to install Google Play on devices that don’t have it pre-installed. Well, the solution is rather facile, so follow the steps below.

1. Download the Google Play APK and save to Desktop.

Download the Google Play APK here.

2. On device, go to Settings>Security and allow installation from Unknown Sources.

This allows you to sideload applications to your device. (Note: Some devices that are carrier-locked will have this feature blocked. If so, contact us.)

3. Drag and Drop Google Play APK to Downloads on your device.

If you have a PC, just install the driver software of the device. If you have a mac, then some devices will need external software. For more information, click this LINK.

4. Download a File Manager and open the Downloads Folder.

We recommend the ES File Explorer. Now you want to open the Downloads folder (where you saved the APK in Step 3).

5. Click on the APK and click Install.

Once this applciation is installed, you can download applications from the Google Play Store.

If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

14 thoughts on “How to: Install Google Play on third-party Android Devices

  1. sir ive a chinese brand cell phone purchased from china. it does not support google services. rather it has Baidu service. i contacted the manufacturer asked about this prob. but they say as agreed with google this phone will not support google play and other related services. now is there any way that i can use google play, Gmail and other services. here is the link for my cell phone


    1. Install the following apk files to your device:
      -Google Services Framework
      -Google Play Services
      -Google Play Store

      Reboot your device and try opening Play Store, if it works then you can use Google services on your device.


      1. sir i ive tried to install google services frame work but its not getting installed. plz suggest some other tips.


  2. Hi Omar, I have a new Infotmic I10A-LE tablet that does not come with a pre-installed Google Play App. It seems my tablet may not be a “supported device”. Any options to go around it and install? so far I’ve been able to download the apk and install, but when I’m opening app I get a message pop up that says “unfortunately, Google Play has stopped” and I never get farther then that. Thanks!


    1. It seems as if your tablet is a third-party android device meaning the Play Store is not compatible with your device. You have two options now. You can manually sideload apps to your tablet (Tutorial is on our site) or you can try installing a previous version of the play store. (or a new one.)


      1. Where can I find previous versions of Google play? Also can you send link to instructions on how to side load apps in case previous version doesn’t work? Thank you so very much for any and all your help :-)


  3. the unknown sources option does not exist. I am using a clempad/clementoni designed for childeren, however I want to install google play store or just download apk files


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