How to Install Google Play/Google Apps on Xiaomi Phones


If you’ve recently purchased a Xiaomi smartphone, you’ll have noticed that Google Apps and services are not installed. Instead, Xiaomi includes their own marketplace, where users can download apps. Although this is useful, many of the apps’ names are dubbed in Chinese and not all apps are available. To install Google Play and other Google apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Translate, Google Maps and others, follow the tutorial below.

This works will all Xiaomi devices including the Xiaomi M2s, Xiaomi M2a, Xiaomi Mi-1/Mi-2 and any phones running the MIUI ROM.


  1. Download the APK file from HERE
  2. Copy it to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your Xiaomi phone (If you do not know how to do that, click HERE)
  3. Make sure Installation from Unknown Sources is checked (Go to Settings>Security> Unknown Sources and tick the box)
  4. Open File Explorer, and go to ‘Downloads’ folder where you placed the file in Step 2.
  5. Click it and install.
  6. Launch the app you just installed (Google Installer) and make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi
  7. Download any apps you need and you’re finished!


42 thoughts on “How to Install Google Play/Google Apps on Xiaomi Phones

  1. are redmi note is good but, not work google,google play service,google store,some times GPS is not active please help me? thank u

  2. when i lunch google installer it says” connection, failed. try to refresh later” don’t know what to do. mi2

  3. i am using redmi HM NOTE 1S CU in my mobile google apps are not supporting plz help me to rectify this problem especially google play store and google settings please help me to solve this problem

    1. Why are you need it? Is Google play one way to load apps? You can use Amazon, 9apps and a lot of any sources (Chinese too).

  4. Hello When I am triing to install any ap from google installer, I got a msg : Your account is not activated, set to active it now. And then I arrive on ”Mi Cloud”. It is strange because my account is well activated. I don’t what to do… Please if someone can help me ! Thanks in advance

  5. Hi! After downloading the required package (4 Google apps in total) and logging on with my existing Google username, I failed to launch Google Play Store and received a ‘No connection’ message with a ‘Retry’ button underneath. I am using Redmi HM 1SW. Is there any way to remedy the situation?

      1. I didn’t get yr solution… pls explain…what is DNS and that…
        pls bro…
        I need help…after I install those 4 apps,
        when I open Google play games, it says no connection… damn…pls…I m using mi3…
        I can’t sign in my google accounts in clash of clans…help pls

      2. DNS translates the Internet Domain Names into IP Addresses.
        Since Google services are blocked in Pakistan due to PTCL restrictions, Google DNS are therefore useless.
        That is the reason I have suggested OpenDNS ( |
        Follow the screenshots in the post and your problem will be solved.

  6. I’m buying a xiaomi phone from china and then going back to Canada, will I experience any issues downloading it in canada? And I’ll be able to download Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, snap chat, tumblr… All that right? I know it might sound like a dumb question, but i need this phone to work like any other phone that I would buy in canada.

    1. If you’re talking about using Mobile Data, then I’ll need to know what carrier you will be using in Canada to make sure the Xiaomi phone has the same bands as your Canadian network operator.
      Secondly, those apps can be downloaded but you’ll need all the latest Google Apps (Google Play Services, Google Services Framework, GMAIL and Google Play Store). I’d advise against this phone if you’re planning to use it in Canada though since there could be some legal issues.
      The OnePlusOne is a great alternative to a Xiaomi device.

      1. Ok.
        My whatsapp issue has been solved. It was due some sync error of Xiaome which in network. This problem, though, still remains. I circumvent it to install my whatsapp. The only problem remains that I am not able to install google play store.

      2. Dear Murtaza,
        Thanks for advise. I was eagerly looking for your feedback. I would try the second part of your advise.
        I have a doubt regarding your suggestion for flashing Indian ROM. I have brought this MI3 from China which has NVDIA Tegra4 whereas Indian version is Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. Is there a possibility that my MI3 will balckout in case I flash Indian ROM on this mobile?
        In light of the above input can you give your feedback.

        Thanks and regards,


      3. My bad, I didn’t know that. Don’t flash the Indian ROM since it will permanently brick your device.
        If the Chinese ROM is working fine, I don’t see the reason to change it unless you are facing cellular network issues.

      4. Dear Murtaza,

        Thanks for your reply. I have downloaded and installes google installer .apk file. While trying to install google store through installer, I was prompted to installed google service framework package which I accepted. It intended to install 5 google apps. The first of the list google service framework was downloaded but failed to intall with the erroe msg ‘parsing error’. However other google apps were installed. When I tried to open the google play store, I got the msg ‘no internet connection. At this point, I tried to changed DNS server setting as per your instruction to and using certain ‘DNS set’ softeware downloaded from internet.The play store was still prompting ‘no connectio’ error on starting. Meanwhile due to some strange reason my whatsapp has also stopped working. Since my phone is bought from China which is Tigra, I am not sure to flash ROM to Indian version. I would be happy if you can guide me out of this problem.


      5. My advice to you is that you should flash the Indian ROM.
        Secondly, remove all Google apps from your device.
        Download all apk files from a credible source (Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Services Framework, GMAIL).
        Install, all apk files one by one, do not open any of them though.
        Once they are all installed, go to Google Play Services and Google Play Store in settings and press Clear Data and Clear Cache.
        Reboot your device, then open Play Store. See how it works and let me know.
        Good luck!

      6. I have been able to install google store application but it say no connection. How to do that? Please help.

      7. This is because of issues at PTCL’s end.
        This can be solved using Google DNS, go to Wi-Fi settings, press and hold on the network you’re connected to, select ‘Modify Network’, scroll down and change IP settings to Static, modify the DNS to:
        DNS 1:
        DNS 2:

  7. Does it work with MiPad? I preordered the 64GB, but so scaried.. T_T
    I want the tablet to support Arabic and English lanaguage written/read/system and also to have Play Store..

    Thanks lot guys. ^.^

    1. It should definitely work on the MiPad. Just remember that this is an old post, so the link to the .apk file is also outdated.
      A simple google search will get you the latest .apk file, once you download that, follow the rest of the steps in the post.
      Good Luck :)

      1. Can you PLEASE give me the new apk? You don’t know how stupid I am with these things… :(

        Thanks in advance.

  8. I followed all the tutorial when I finished, I entered the story and even play with the internet I keep saying, no connection.

      1. here i bought mi3 phone last sept 2014 via filpkart and every thing is fine i had movied to miui6 aand installed miui6 version 5.12 devloper version and i tried to install the google installer and it got installed after opening the app its loading and showing the message as there is no internet access try refresh …i hope u can suggest for this thing

  9. Tried this on Mi3
    Worked but there is a problem that causes many apps to quit all of sudden. Restarting the app restores to point where you were.
    In typing this it happened once!

    1. Download the latest version of Google Play Store (i.e v4.4.21) and then download the latest version of Google Play Services. Install both the apk’s on your phone and then try.

      Alternatively, you can root your Xiaomi M2A and flash a .zip Google Apps file which can be found on our homepage. :)

      1. here i bought mi3 phone last sept 2014 via filpkart and every thing is fine i had movied to miui6 aand installed miui6 version 5.12 devloper version and i tried to install the google installer and it got installed after opening the app its loading and showing the message as there is no internet access try refresh …i hope u can suggest for this thing

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