[SCREENSHOTS]: Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S III

We’ve just installed the 4.3 update on our Galaxy S III smartphone. Our review on the update is that it has improved the phones performance, improved battery consumption, better color reproduction on the display and a few extra features which we will show in the screenshots below.

The New Android 4.3 lockscreen:

Android 4.3 lockscreen

Group Play application (Initially released for the Galaxy S4, was ported to Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II through the 4.3 update)

Group Play

Status bar (with all shortcuts):

Status bar (with all icons)

Status bar (with user-defined shortcuts only):

Status bar (with user-defined shortcuts)

Updated settings application (similar to the Galaxy S4):

Settings application

About Device info, you now have the option to name your device:

About Device

Storage info, shows required space to run the system

Storage Info

Screen mirroring (allows you to share your screen on another device):

Screen mirroring

Updated Assistive Light widget:

Assistive light widget

Please feel free to ask any questions by posting a comment below!

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8 thoughts on “[SCREENSHOTS]: Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S III

  1. I can’t find the full contingent of shortcuts shown above and I need the one to turn data on and off. Also what happened to my screenshot ability? I use screenshot everyday for a while now I was just getting used to them and enjoying them I found a really good way to use them. But now its not working.

    • To take a screenshot is the same as it was on JB 4.1.2, move your palm across the screen or hold Power + Home at the same time.
      Secondly, I assume you are talking about the data toggle in the notification bar. To edit the toggles, drag down the notification bar, tap on the button to show all the icons, then a button looking like a pencil will appear, press it and it will allow you to edit the toggles.

      • I’m taking screenshots the same way I was before, using my palm but that’s not working anymore. I tried the alternate way you suggested and that doesn’t work either.

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