How to connect Nexus 7 to Mac (Accessing files)

Written by: Omar Haider

If you happen to have a Nexus 7 and you are a Mac user, such as myself, then I have found a fix, so you can transfer file to your Nexus 7 to your mac and vice versa. The reason it does not work, is purely between the protocols between the Nexus 7 and Mac. By standard, macs can’t comprehend the MTP transfer protocol. With these simple steps, your mac will be enabled for file transfer.

Difficulty: Easy

1. Download and Install the Android File Transfer for Mac. Once downloaded, drag the .dmg file into your applications folder.

2. Launch the Android File Transfer application and connect your Nexus 7. You should see a finder window pop up and your files will be displayed on your display.

3. From here onwards, just drag and drop files until you’ve reached your desired result.

4. If for some reason, the Nexus 7 is not recognized, then go to your Nexus 7, and drag down you notification bar and select MTP.








Images via Tech Recipe

8 thoughts on “How to connect Nexus 7 to Mac (Accessing files)

  1. I can’t even find the Andoid File Transfer! Just got the Nexus 7 & really want to move some music, book & a movie or two, but I can’t find the app. HELP! PLEASE!!


  2. Hi Guys, Good job with this post. I have posted something similar for my readers but credited Pakdroid as my source! Well done. Look forward to reading some more.


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