How to Connect Wii Remote to Nexus 7


Written by: Omar Haider

For those lucky who have received the Nexus 7, they’ve probably enjoyed playing graphic-intensive games with the more-than-capable quad-core Tegra 3 processor. What most don’t know is that you can get more out of your “console-quality” games. In fact, one can connect their Wii Remote (which I’ll be demonstrating), their SixAxis PS3 controller or even an Xbox 36o controller with designated peripherals. The Nexus 7 takes advantage of the internal bluetooth unlike other device such as the iPhone. With a free aplication on the market, you’ll look forward to playing your next games of ShadowGun, GTA 3 or HORN on your newly bought tablet.

1. Download WiiRemote Controller from Google Play.

This application is free from Google Play and allows the main synchronization between your device and Wii remote. (Note: this can work for other android devices.)

2. Turn ON Bluetooth, open the application and grab your Wii Remote.

Go ahead and launch the application and you will find a button labeled as “Init and Connect.” Click on it whilst simultaneously clicking the “1” and “2” buttons on your wii remote. Once the application locates the Wii Remote via bluetooth, a 1st LED will be on on your remote.

3. Click on “Select WiiControllerIME” and select it.

Clicking on this selection will allow the Wii Remote to access full input data for the device to comprehend.

4. Mapping and Applying

After your Remote is connected, click on the 3 dots on the bottom right of the application. Click on Preferences>Mapping Options> 1st Controller mappings and map your wii remote. For example, up will allow you character to move up, but make sure if you are playing with a nunchuck that your horizontal mode is off. You can do this by going on to Advanced Setting and uncheck WM Sideways. If you are playing with a sole controller, no need to advance and further.

5. Exit Application and Open Game or Emulator!

That’s it! Your done and now you can enjoy playing emulators and/or your favorite shooter or racing game.

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